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Welcome to Hummingbird Child Care Centre 
"Quality Child Care for Children Birth to 5 years Old" 

This Child Care Centre was created by the community for you and your child. Our goal is to provide a warm, nurturing environment where parents and staff cooperate to provide the best possible care for young children.

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide quality child care to both young parents continuing their education and parents in our community. We provide a warm, nurturing environment that encourages children aged birth to 5yrs. physical, mental, emotional, and social development through a variety of play experiences.



1) To provide a warm nurturing environment where children aged birth to five years old can develop physically, emotionally and socially in an appropriate and safe manner 

2) To provide an opportunity for young parents to pursue their educational goals 

3) To provide an environment where parents can actively participate in their children's care and development

Child Care Programs

Infant Care 


Each Infant will follow his/her own schedule for eating, playing, diapering or sleeping; this may vary from day to day. Caregivers will be attentive to each child's cues and adapt the schedule accordingly. A daily record will be filled out by parents and staff to ensure consistency of care. Infants are taken outside daily. 


Toddlers to age 5 years 


Toddlers and preschool aged children follow a more consistent daily routine that meets their needs. Activities follow a regular pattern so that the children feel secure. Our programs have polices in place to ensure a balance of activities through our day. This includes indoor/outdoor experiences. However the daily routine is always flexible and will meet the changing needs of the children. 

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