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The Child Care Centre is administered by Hummingbird Child Care Society and is licensed by the Ministry of Health, Community Care Facilities Licensing. Hummingbird Child Care Society is a nonprofit organization ran by a volunteer board of directors. We are fortunate to work in cooperation and have a partnership with School District 70. We are not school district employees. Our Island Health operating license enables us to care for 48 children a day ranging in age from birth to 5 years.

Each member of our child care staff team is a qualified Early Childhood Educator and most are Infant and Toddler Certified. Many staff also has their Special Needs certification. Our staff has valid first aid and food safe training. The staff members are trained to provide a balanced, flexible program to
encourage your child to develop and grow according to their own individual needs. Each staff member will be the ‘Primary Caregiver’ to four children under 3 years or one group of 8 children aged 3- 5 years. Primary care is special and allows the caregiver to become especially familiar with individual children and their
families. Primary care fosters attachment and is very respectful. Your caregiver is here to nurture and care for your child in your absence. Caregivers will provide support and information to parents on an ongoing basis. After your child is settled into the routine of the program, other staff will share in the responsibility of
feeding, diapering, nurturing and playing with each takes a village! Your primary caregiver will communicate with you on a regular basis to discuss your child’s progress. Families are encouraged to share any information or suggestions that you may have with your childs primary caregiver. If this is not
possible then please talk to another staff member. We are all happy to help. Good communication is key to a successful relationship.

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